About Us

American Owned and Managed

about-picGlow was established in 2007 by two Americans from Oregon State, Hillary & Mike Kozma, who also own and manage Glow. Hillary is a retired senior hair stylist, and focuses on running the business. She is very creative and applies this to all areas of the business. Mike works hard behind the scenes to run the business. He is an analytical visionary who is constantly dreaming of where to take the business next. Hillary & Mike have an incredible amount of love for this company. Together, anything is possible with this husband and wife team!

We confess.
We do things a bit differently at Glow.

We are not your mainstream salon,
nor do we want to be.
Consider us a rebellion against the generic.


We’re the first of its kind in Qatar. After the doors opened for business, we quickly established a great reputation for excellent services and customer service, and we have worked hard to maintain that reputation. Our future vision is to continue to grow and improve, and expand in the region and internationally. We believe in continuously evolving, improving and re-inventing.

Our Team

Consider our company to be “The United Nations of Glow”. The members of our international team have been carefully recruited from the United States, United Kingdom, Lebanon, Canada, Scotland, Australia, Korea, France, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Philippines and other European countries. Their unique backgrounds, creativity and talent keep Glow at the leading edge of the industry.

Our Clients

Beauty enthusiasts flock to us to get gorgeous, from head to toe! Glow has a particularly artistic edge that attracts quite a diverse clientele. On any given day, you will find ladies of all types in our salon. High-maintenance socialites who live in haute couture. Elegant royalty. Savvy career women. Busy house-wives. Casual ladies who prefer to live in jeans and a tee. We even have loyal customers who fly in from around the region, just to come to Glow! Hooray for loyal customers! We think every single one of our clients is the crème de la crème.

Our Hair Services

about-2Our hair team has endless techniques and creativity, and they stay up to date with advanced education. We would love the opportunity to put the Glow signature on your hair.

At Glow, we believe each client
walks in as a blank canvas
and walks away as a work of art.

Hair designs that we create at Glow are rich in cultural, historical and architectural references. True artists, our team members are inspired by the world around us. From African tribes to cosmopolitan cities, worldly observations have a big influence. The organic shape and structure of a building. The raw texture in a Parisian scarf. The colors on a feather. The movement of wind through a wheat field. The pattern on a sea shell. We translate texture, shape, color and movement that inspire us, back into hair.

There are infinite possibilities for hair color at Glow. Every color formulation is mixed with a dash of love, a sprinkle of creativity and a whopping amount of professional experience. We specialize in blonde hair and can conjure up any tone, from pure platinum, to decadent golden honeys, and sunny ambers. Imagine silver as soft as moon light and buttery, creamy shades of blonde. Maybe you fancy a gorgeous brunette shade: glossy black ribbons, or warm chestnut with sparks of red, magenta and pomegranate. The more adventurous will love: Pastel fondant icing splashed over fringe. Delicate washes of peach. Whispers of cotton candy pink. A hush of lilac. Kaleidoscopes of color and tones. Peek-a-boo panels of turquoise. Fireworks! A flash of red. A pop of blue. Macaroon colored inspiration. When it comes to color at Glow, imagination is the only limit.

We love hair cutting. Dry cutting is one of our specialties. Detailed short cuts. Precision bobs. Geometric cuts. Asymmetric cuts. Beautifully blended layers. A beautiful fringe. We can create your look, whether you want long luscious locks or a sassy pixie, crave exaggerated and bold, or prefer nonchalant chic.

We are experts in naturally curly and wavy hair! We flew all the way to NY to learn a special method of cutting, coloring, styling, and caring for curly hair.

We also specialize in hair treatments, breezy blowouts, special occasion styles, and extensions.

Our Beauty and Spa Services


Our beauty and spa team
look forward to pampering you!

We understand you want the hottest, newest treatments, and you want them now, non-negotiable. Part of our ongoing commitment is to give you the best beauty treatments out there on the globe.

We offer treatments designed for beauty and relaxation, and our menu does not leave any inch of your body neglected: Nail Treatments, Treats for Hands and Feet, Manicures, Pedicures, Gel and Acrylics, Nail Art, Gel Polish, Natural Lash Treatments, Lash Extensions, Facials, Makeup, Waxing, Threading, Massage, Brows, Tanning…to name a few.



Our Products

You want only the best goodies to be used during your services, and taking home your favorite lotions and potions to maintain your look is the cherry on top. We get it. That’s why we use and offer the following:

Our Philosophy

Treat the customer as we would like to be treated. It is as simple as that. Our customers health, safety and satisfaction are our top priority. Our services are of the highest quality available; our staff is highly-trained to pamper and care for you; and we meticulously maintain standards of excellence in cleanliness and sanitation. We believe in preserving the health and integrity of the hair and body—if we feel that something will not benefit you, we will suggest an alternative or not perform the service. Looking out for your best interest is very important to us.

Our Strong Belief in Continued Education

We believe that to be fresh and relevant, we must always be aware of the latest trends and trained in the latest techniques. That is why regularly invest in staff training. We often send our hair team to London and Europe to learn the latest spring/summer and fall/winter hair collections and to attend advanced hands-on training seminars in Istanbul, Budapest, Austria, Berlin and London, to name a few. We often send our Director of Education to New York and London to bring knowledge back to our team. We also provide continual in-house training for our beauty and hair staff on a constant basis. This ensures you that any team member you see has had the most up-to-date training.

What You Can Expect

Not just a service, but an experience. We hope to create a sense of “home” at Glow, a comfortable, friendly place where you are welcomed and showered with attention. We treat every customer as if she is a guest in our home. We want Glow to be a familiar place where you can retreat by yourself for renewal and balance or enjoy beautifying fun with a friend. The environment at Glow is unpretentious and down-to-earth, and we are ready to accommodate your wishes to make your experience at Glow a wonderful one. From the moment you arrive and kick off your heels to the moment you sashay out our door, we hope to wash away your stress with a hot or cold soothing beverage, take the edge off of your worries with chocolates, and help you take a deep breath and relax with personalized care. At the end of your visit, you will no doubt Glow from the inside, out.