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Rosa is originally from Norway, Europe.

She had been living in Los Angeles, California for two years, working at a trendy salon near the beach in Santa Monica. She has re-located from L.A. to join the Glow team. (And deciding to re-locate to Doha was no small thing – she loved California, and enjoyed roller-blading on the boardwalks by the sea during her lunch break. But we are so happy she gave up all of that in exchange for an opportunity to work at Glow!)
Rosa has been in the hair industry since 2001.
She began the foundation of her training in Norway. She worked and received advanced trained at Norwegian salons for the first five years of her career. Following that, she worked on a cruise ship that traveled between Norway and Denmark. After receiving her green card for the U.S., she followed her dream of working and living in California.
Rosa is the first to admit that she is always seeking new challenges in life, and in her career. She is positive and motivated, energetic and full of life. Thus, she is very passionate about the hair industry, her work, and her clients.

To Rosa, sculpting hair is an art, and she is an artist who looks at every new head of hair like a blank canvas. Even if you have been to her a thousand times, she will never assume she knows what you want as she understands that people are always evolving, and encourages a new look (or at least a up-dated tweak to your look) to reflect where you are at in your life. She approaches each client before the cut with the respect that each person and their hair is unique. While she appreciates working with all lengths of hair, Rosa believes that short haircuts are one of her biggest strengths. She loves the detail that goes into them. Rosa is always busy in the salon. This is probably due to the fact that her clients find comfort in her calm, steady manner. She is sensitive to her clients needs and requests. She wants her clients to receive a complete professional experience from start to finish. She is precise and calculating in her cuts, and takes the time to check each one after it is dry, as she wants them to grow out nicely. Rosa is rewarded by all of her careful efforts upon hearing: “that is exactly what I wanted!”.
Turn yourself over to Rosa, and allow her to transform you. The results are guaranteed to get you compliments! Her manner may be down to earth, but her hair cuts are heavenly!

When not at Glow, you will find Rosa socializing with her friends.

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